Sunday, October 31, 2004

John Kerry's Discharge, Part III

OK, it seems Dishonorable Discharge is probably not the right title. Kerry could only have received one of those if he was court-martialed and convicted, which would be part of the public record. However, he most likely received a less-than-honorable discharge.

Earl Lively, a 30+ year veteran of the military makes a convincing case here. You may remember that Colonel Lively was the Director of Operations at Texas Air National Gaurd Headquarters when Bush served.

His contention, as was mine in an earlier post, is that the Navy is "stonewalling" the release of documentation that would incriminate Kerry to cover up its own institutional complicity in protecting him under Carter.

The Navy doesn't want to admit it succumbed to political pressure to restore honors stripped from a discredited turncoat. In hiding the truth, the Navy Department dishonors even the lowest-ranking sailor who ever swabbed a deck.

One of his key points is the confusion, compounded by Kerry's own disingenuous explanations, surrounding the reissue of his medal certificates. Kerry's version of events just does not ring true.

Senator Kerry has said that his medal certificates were reissued because he lost them (and his dog ate his homework, I suppose). Rewards are certified in one's permanent personnel record jacket. If you lose a medal, you can get a replacement medal if your records show the award. The only way awards would have to be reissued is if they were rescinded and deleted from your records. And this narrows the possibilities down to a dishonorable discharge or an undesirable discharge.

It will be a tragedy if we allow this man to be elected.


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