Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dan Rather: Queen of the Space Unicorns

Beating a dead Dan Rather might seem a bit unfair, but I couldn't resist this piece from Jim Treacher:

Rather: "Prove I'm Not Queen of the Space Unicorns"

NEW YORK -- For the fourth time in as many days, CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather interrupted his telecast tonight to reiterate his claim that he has been crowned Queen of the Space Unicorns.

That was followed by:

Rather Alters Stance on Space-Unicorn Royalty

NEW YORK -- In a stunning reversal yesterday, embattled CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather renounced his claim to the throne of the Space Unicorns, instead declaring himself to be the Bonnukarr, culmination of human evolution, sent back in time from the 857th Century by the warrior-god Kobaltine IV to prepare mankind for the coming Insect Wars.

I guess it's getting harder and harder to take Rather or CBS news that seriously anymore.

They're still standing by their story, in spite of can't-deny-what-you-see-with-your-own-eyes evidence like this little bit of imagery:

The original versus a document produced in Microsoft Word just a few days ago. Sure, I believe ya Dan.


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