Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Must Be Doing Something Right

Well, I got my first truly angry e-mail regarding the content of this site. If you take an ideological stand, defend it hard enough and voice your opinion loudly enough, you better piss a few folks off.

Here's the e-mail. I've withheld the last name for the sake of my detractor's privacy.

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 10:10:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Sandi
Have you no shame?

Why you don't call you website hatevoice because that is all it is.

You may not have to answer for your bile filled rants in this life, but you will have to answer for them.

Conservative is a label that people like you have corrupted and ruined.

You are not conservative, you are hatefilled and evil. Your disgusting antics add nothing to the public discourse and an educated person should have a better moral compass. But then again, your site proves why you people think Bush has moral values. It's because you wouldn't know moral values is (sic) Jesus slapped you in the head with them.

I don't mind losing, but I sure hate losing to the likes of you. America deserves better representatives than your side has to offer. Don't gloat too long, 54 million of us agree, you (and Bush) are a disgrace. America may be slow to awaken, but awaken she will and when you are back on the losing side, I don't imagine you'll be gracious then either.

Keep believing your own propaganda, if people like you ever wake up, you'd have to commit suicide!

I'm not sure, but her "gloat" comment must refer to Admiral Van Orden's piece. Hey lady, he paid his dues and has every right to shout his joy from the rooftops.

I must admit, however, that the gentle, reasoned tone of her message makes a mockery of my shrill invective. Harridan!

Look, I view the left as enemies of freedom. They couch their philosophy in feel-good rhetoric and the fuzzy imagery of a false compassion, but all it really adds up to is condescension towards those they purport to fight for and legalized theft from the rest of us.

Just think about the hysteria that's been raised by the Republican victory. The red states are "dumb", "ignorant", "dependent" and "uneducated". Why, if they'd only listened to the old line media more often they couldn't help but see the light.

The only national discourse acceptable to the left is one where everyone agrees with their agenda. All this talk of "no mandate" is a codeword for dispensing with ideological principle and forcing uniformity. After all, there's only one correct path. Reminiscent of the Soviet Union's practice of putting dissidents into psychiatric hospitals, because anyone unhappy under socialism must be sick, the left now opines that anyone who disagrees with them must be brain damaged.

I'm intolerant towards the left for the same reason I'm intolerant towards Islamofascists: because there is no real compromise.

Anyway, here's a more positive message from another reader:

Date: mom, 08 Nov 2004
From: Tim Walker
Subject: Thank you for such a
great article

Dear Mr. Brog,

I read with great pride the Nov. 7 article you wrote. You echoed my sentiments to perfection. I was so relieved that the Benedict Arnold Kerry did not win this election. He has never been made to account for his traitorous actions.

I shutter when I think how close this Quisling came to the oval office.

Thank you for your service to our country.



Thank you Tim.


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