Saturday, September 18, 2004 Supports the Troops

Here's a little example of how and the rest of the left supports our troops.

Click on the picture to see a video that shows a hapless American soldier stuck in an Iraqi quagmire.

Don't these morons understand that for soldiers in combat, morale is a matter of life and death.

Can you imagine a 1942 film bemoaning our losses at Midway and Bataan, with images of American prisoners, half-naked and exhausted, and a call for withdrawal followed by peace talks with Tojo and his generals. After all, we brought it on ourselves. We embargoed shipments of scrap-metal and oil to Japan. They only bombed Pearl Harbor in self-defense. We need to focus on why they're angry at us. We need to fight a more "sensitive" war against Fascism. After all, this was their choice of sovereign government. Doolittle's raid on Tokyo has only enraged the Japanese people and hurt innocent civilians. Now young asians are flocking in droves to join the fight against our racist and imperialist war. In fact, we should call for an investigation of our planning process. Doolitle and the other raiders should be considered for court-martial, once the few survivors make it out of China.

The Left: what a bunch of shmucks.


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