Thursday, October 21, 2004

When the Man Comes Around

Take a look at this link.

Painful images in the beginning and inspirational ones at the end.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Girlie Ticket

Alright. A new post after several days of silence.

This urge to write always hits at about half-an-hour before midnight. Either I'm too tired to follow the inspiration to it's always brilliant conclusion, or I get crackin' and end up with about four hours of sleep.

Just take a look at Regular Guys For Bush. Real men will not vote for Kerry.

To make it a little easier, here's a video that's been going around with John Edwards primping before a TV appearance.

There's also a great bit on Kerry versus the cheesesteak. Seems he asked for "Swiss cheese, Jeeves, and make it imported" at Pat's King of Steaks, the home of the original cheesesteak, normally smothered in Cheese Wiz. You'll need Quicktime to view it.

There are two things that real men always eat: Cheese Wiz, sprayed directly into the mouth, as a quick between-meal snack; and warm beer and cold pizza for breakfast, right after waking up at one in the afternoon after a particularly busy Saturday night.

I just can't see this guy ever being regular.

Here he is diggin' around for a coherent foreign policy.

Bottom line is, if these two disingenuous sissies are elected, I suggest we all start tithing to the NRA and form a militia to defend our way of life.

What are they gonna do to make us "stronger abroad", mince their way into a summit hoping Jacques Chirac and the Al Qaeda camel boys find them too sexy to resist? Otto von Bismarck pursued a policy of "Realpolitik" to unify Germany and secure the country a place as the strongest military and economic power on the continent of Europe. So I guess the Kerry/Edwards contribution to the theory of international affairs will be "Prisspolitik" whereby the entirety of Europe and the Islamic world will be united in thinking we're a bunch of buffoons.

Anyone who votes for these two numskulls is out of their mind!

There, I said it. Now I'm a confirmed, intolerant, right wing asshole.

More tomorrow. Now I'm so riled up it'll take one of Kerry's stump speeches to put me to sleep.