Thursday, October 14, 2004

Go Get 'Em GW!

Just a quick note. The differences in the debate tonight were pretty stark. George Bush may not be the ideal Conservative. He's a big spending Chief Executive. Still, next to Kerry, he looks like Alexander Hamilton. There are several things I'd expect to see as Kerry slowly destroyed our economy and weakened the war on terrorism.

  • An economic slump resulting from an increased minimum wage, higher taxes, greater environmental costs and less business-friendly legislation.
  • Higher inflation as the country tries to keep up with increased entitlements. The prescription drug benefit is bad enough. Let's not put our most liberal politician in the White House to make things worse.
  • Demoralization of the military as the war on terror is Vietnamized to a standstill and our strategy reverts to duck-and-cover. Expect to see retention, as well as recruiting, go down, further straining the services.
  • Increased attacks on the US and our interests around the world as terrorists gain new footholds, particularly in Iran, and become emboldened by Kerry's treatment of the problem as a judicial one.
  • Increased energy costs as the Democratic administration's lack of resolve brings greater instability to the Middle East.
  • A weakened Israel in the face of a leftist ideology that treats the Israelis as morally equivalent to the Palestinians. Look for the same attitude regarding the US versus enemy regimes around the world.
  • The emergence of a nuclear Iran and an increase in the number of North Korean nuclear weapons as well as improvements to delivery systems. A weak Kerry administration, rushing to bilateral talks with the dwarf of Pyongyang, will encourage his export of WMD technologies to other countries. Non-proliferation will become meaningless.
These are only a few of the problems that would result from a Kerry victory.

Neither we, nor the West, can afford to see him win.

So, in honor of George Bush, I leave you with this:

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Listen to This!

Whatever you believe, John Kerry is on your side.

Here are quotes from all sides. Everyone of them from the same mouth.

The Navy Chickens Out!

In response to a request from judicial Watch to review John Kerry's record and investigate the process under which he was awarded his medals, Admiral Route, the Navy Inspector General declined to proceed "because it would not have been 'productive'".

Sorry Admiral, I disagree. It's hardly your decision to decide what is productive or not when a national election might be at stake.

Or is that the problem? Too hot for you?

According to the Judicial Watch site Naval "investigators exhausted their...efforts reviewing a Washington Post article from Aug. 22, 2004, and a Newsweek report from the Aug. 30, 2004, edition. The unnamed investigator(s) also relied on Kerry’s presidential campaign Internet site to conduct the investigation." The full article is here.

If that's the case, maybe Admiral Route ought to be out of a job.

My guess is that someone is protecting the asses of those who willingly doctored the record to accomadate Kerry's inflation of his record. Worse, there's every possibility that someone is culpable for retroactively awarding a treasonous, pathological, liar an honorable discharge.

Something stinks!

Kerry's Rap

Here's a nice little rap for all you loyal John Kerry fans.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Quotable Quotes

In the fine investigative tradition of CBS, The New Conservative Voice brings you actual quotes from Kerry supporters. These have been verified by Ingebe Nobongo, with whom I’m currently engaged in bringing $25 million out of Nigeria to help the son of a former Agriculture Minister who’s been jailed but managed to hide the money in a Swiss bank. If I can trust Ingebe with my banking details, along with a $25,000 good faith payment, you can trust him to vouch for these quotes.

John Kerry’s hair is just so awesome. He’s tall too. And did you know that he fought in Venezuela?
Mandy Lundquist
Majoring in Comparative Indigence at Columbia University

Kerry is incredibly butch and Edwards has eyelashes to die for. I’d do him in a heartbeat. But that George Bush is such a bitch. And don’t get me started on Cheney. Do something with that hairstyle and lose the paunch. A little eyeliner wouldn’t hurt either.

Delbert Swish
Energy Balance Consultant
San Francisco, California

Like, George Bush is killing people and John Kerry would make peace and keep it cool with the Europeans, dude. Hey, right now the only European country that supports us is Canada, right? Am I right? Man, you gotta understand that war is not the answer. Give peace a chance. That’s what’s written on my thing. You wanna see? Just a second while I unzip this. Hey, where ya goin’?

Thad Jones
Piercing and Tattoo Model
Santa Monica, California

Ve must end ze involvement of big money in American politics once and for all. For zis reason, I have pledged over $50 million of my own money to defeat George Bush and ensure zat ze voice of ze average American is heard.

George S.
Mysterious, yet benign, billionaire, from his secret base orbiting the Moon.

Ven John ahsked me to buy him ze Presidency, how could I refuse, dahling? He just gave me zos sad little baby-boobly eyes and I could not resist. Anyvay, it keeps him busy and he leafs me alone. See you in ze Vhitehouse scumbags.

Teresa K.
Mysterious, yet malignant, millionaire, from her locked tower room on an unnamed estate in Pennsylvania.

The M.C. Escher of American Politics

Escher was famous for his wonderful illusions that had soldiers marching endlessly up a set of stairs that led to….the bottom of the stairs; motifs that evolved from one shape to another as they moved across the canvass; and played beautiful tricks with perspective. Even carefully tracing the lines of one of his works, it can be difficult to pinpoint the illusion.

We expect it to make sense and, when it doesn’t, our minds struggle to construct a reasonable interpretation. If they can’t, it’s almost painful.

That same feeling comes over me when I listen to the Democratic candidate.

John Kerry’s positions have that same flowing, evolving, impossible-to-pin-down quality. Listening to his answers during the last debate, all I could think was “What the HELL is he talking about?!”

He’s become the master of the qualified “direct” answer. As President, he would protect our freedom to act against threats, but would always consult with the UN and our allies.

Here’s a nice list.

Like Escher’s stair-climbers, John Kerry wants us to believe he’s climbing the tower, steadfast and sure, but every time we blink it looks like he’s taking us back to the bottom again.

His answer last week on abortion was just as bad. He’s against it personally but would never impose his values on the rest of the electorate. In the feel good, value-neutral world of the left and American liberalism, all choices are equally good. To choose is to judge and to judge is wrong. Just goes to show you how empty Kerry is. Every President should have a moral core. I’ll vote for the guy that has one closest to mine. In this election, I’ll vote for the guy who just has one. Period. Since cannibalism, murder, wife-beating and numerous other sins are against my personal moral code, who am I to impose that on those from other, equally valid, cultures who practice them as part of their cultural, religious or social activities? Short answer: I can do it because we’re better than they are!

If you disagree, then go hug a cannibal. Just count your fingers when you’re done.