Friday, October 29, 2004

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

John Kerry's Dishonorable Discharge

Through a very reliable source, I received a copy of the following e-mail to Sean Hannity asking his help in exposing the truth about John Kerry's discharge papers from the US Navy. The author is a retired former Navy lawyer and he references the former personal lawyer to then Secretary of the Navy J. William Middendorf.

If these two gentlemen can shed light on the truth of John Kerry's record, then the American people have a right to know.



I was on active duty as a U.S. Navy lawyer when all of this was going on some 25 to 30 years ago, and so was Mark F. Sullivan, who at all relevant times was the personal lawyer to J. William Middendorf, then the Secretary of the Navy. We remember.

We are trying to break this absolutely true story nationwide, i.e., Fox News, C Span, and hopefully all the major networks. We are positive that John Kerry was one of those dishonorably dismissed from the Navy for collaborating with the Viet Cong, after he was released from active duty but still in the Navy, and for a totally unauthorized trip to Hanoi. He later got an "honorable" separation in 1978, some 12 years after joining the Navy, under President Carter's "Amnesty Program" for draft dodgers, deserters, and other malcontents who fled to Canada and Holland, among other places, to avoid military service to our country.

This is why he has refused, and continues to refuse, to release all of his Navy records: they reflect that he was Dishonorably Dismissed from the United States Naval Service. If they do not (which they do), he would have released them to the public. Again, he has not done so, because he well knows that the truth would kill his challenge to President Bush.


Let's hope this story continues to develop.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Stolen Honor

We all owe it to the veterans of the Vietnam War, who served so honorably, as well as the future of our country, to take a look at the Stolen Honor video, a joint production of the Swift Vets and the POWs for Truth, that details John Kerry's self-serving lies and undeniable crimes. You can view it for free at the Stolen Honor web site, here.

They wrote:

Our goal since the beginning of our campaign has been to ensure the American people had a chance to hear the truth about Sen. John Kerry's time in Vietnam and his anti-war activities. With your help, we have raised millions of dollars to spread this message as far as we can.

Today we are taking another historic step. The documentary film "Stolen Honor" vividly portrays the impact of John Kerry's false testimony and statements about the Vietnam War. As of today, every American can see this film for free, in its entirety, at

We encourage you to view this powerful work, but more than that, we need your help. Please take a few minutes today to tell your friends, family or others about this opportunity. Our goal is for every person on this list to convince 10 more people to watch the documentary and see and hear the truth about Kerry for themselves.

At the same time, we are releasing a new set of mini-documentaries filmed with Swift Boat Veterans, also available at These three-to-five-minute movies discuss the controversies surrounding many of Kerry's wartime medals and his alleged secret mission into Cambodia -- a mission even his official biographer now says never happened. The short films take on:

John Kerry's First Purple Heart -- How did John Kerry get his first purple heart when all three officers required to approve it rejected his application?

Christmas in Cambodia -- John Kerry has repeatedly told of being in Cambodia on a secret mission, with it being seared in his memory. See what everyone else has to say.

The Sampan Cover Up -- An example of where we believe John Kerry simply filed a false action report to cover up his conduct.

No Man Left Behind -- You heard John Kerry tell America one story about his Vietnam service at the Democratic National Convention. Here's the true story of John Kerry's Bronze Star.

Third Purple Heart -- How we believe John Kerry faked a third purple heart in order to flee from Vietnam...not as a hero but in shame. We urge you to take the time to view these important works and thank you again for helping us tell the truth about John Kerry.

Please visit the site.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Let's Ease the Tension

With the election only a week away, here's a site that'll give you a couple of laughs at our politicians' expense, no matter what side of the aisle they're on.

Radical Chic

John Kerry seems to have made a fetish of odd hand gestures during the campaign. First is his Thai style, hands-clasped, beatific grin, may-the-moon-shine-upon-our-happy-gathering, style of howdy.

When the Thais do this, it's warm and charming. When this guy does it, it's just plain creepy.

The other cool move is the raised fist. He does this one a lot. Now, I remember growing up in the late sixties and seventies. This had real clear associations with radical causes.

A good friend of mine, Paul Ross, is a Ph. D. psychologist and wrote the following interesting piece on the meaning of these kinds of symbolic gestures and their role in connecting with fellow-travelers.

Symbols Are Important
Paul C. Ross

Communication between individuals and groups includes both the overt and covert means. Language and speech, the spoken and written word and even the selection of images are all part of the message we try to communicate to others. Body
language and gestures are a class of behavior that signal to others something about our intentions. Sometimes this signaling is below the threshold of conscious awareness and sometimes it is a deliberate attempt to provide a nuance to the message. So why is this important in the present political climate?

During the Democrat Party convention, the party candidate ended his speech with a military salute, one recognized by the millions who served in our nation’s services. The gesture, the salute, is a straight hand bent at the elbow with the thumb held in and the index finger touching the forehead. The hand is at about 45 degrees to the vertical plane of the head. He did not salute with the palm facing outward, a British salute, nor did he raise his arm straight out with the hand extended and the palm facing down, a Nazi salute. So, why then in subsequent speeches while stumping around the country, is Kerry is seen raising his hand with a clenched fist? What salute is this and what covert message is imbedded in that salute?

The Clenched Fist Salute is the salute of communists, radicals and Black nationalists. It has a long history and is a subtle means of communication and identification between those who do it and those who recognize it. It’s a way of saying, without saying, I am with you!

So what is Kerry really saying with this salute? Is he trying to form a bond between himself, a rich white guy and the radicals representing the underclass? Is he saying that he is a radical in disguise? Is he communicating with the internationalist and the European left with this gesture? Or is he a guy who just has no ideology and position and adopts the central ideology of whoever he is with at the moment?

While his words are subject to detailed analysis and the apparent flip/flops are evident, so far, little has been said about his latent communication and the implications of that in the context of his flipping and flopping. The people of this nation need to know before election, just who is John Kerry and what is it, that he stands for.

His salutes to different groups, at the very least, suggest a mixed message of identity and pandering. And if not pandering, then what is he really all about?

Kerry's thinking is firmly rooted in his anti-war, liberal experiences from the early seventies. He hasn't changed. His Presidency would reflect the defeatism, anti-Americanism and dangerous internationalism-at-all-costs that ties our fate to interests that desire a weakened United States and a curb on the spread of Western ideas.