Sunday, October 10, 2004

The M.C. Escher of American Politics

Escher was famous for his wonderful illusions that had soldiers marching endlessly up a set of stairs that led to….the bottom of the stairs; motifs that evolved from one shape to another as they moved across the canvass; and played beautiful tricks with perspective. Even carefully tracing the lines of one of his works, it can be difficult to pinpoint the illusion.

We expect it to make sense and, when it doesn’t, our minds struggle to construct a reasonable interpretation. If they can’t, it’s almost painful.

That same feeling comes over me when I listen to the Democratic candidate.

John Kerry’s positions have that same flowing, evolving, impossible-to-pin-down quality. Listening to his answers during the last debate, all I could think was “What the HELL is he talking about?!”

He’s become the master of the qualified “direct” answer. As President, he would protect our freedom to act against threats, but would always consult with the UN and our allies.

Here’s a nice list.

Like Escher’s stair-climbers, John Kerry wants us to believe he’s climbing the tower, steadfast and sure, but every time we blink it looks like he’s taking us back to the bottom again.

His answer last week on abortion was just as bad. He’s against it personally but would never impose his values on the rest of the electorate. In the feel good, value-neutral world of the left and American liberalism, all choices are equally good. To choose is to judge and to judge is wrong. Just goes to show you how empty Kerry is. Every President should have a moral core. I’ll vote for the guy that has one closest to mine. In this election, I’ll vote for the guy who just has one. Period. Since cannibalism, murder, wife-beating and numerous other sins are against my personal moral code, who am I to impose that on those from other, equally valid, cultures who practice them as part of their cultural, religious or social activities? Short answer: I can do it because we’re better than they are!

If you disagree, then go hug a cannibal. Just count your fingers when you’re done.


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