Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Navy Chickens Out!

In response to a request from judicial Watch to review John Kerry's record and investigate the process under which he was awarded his medals, Admiral Route, the Navy Inspector General declined to proceed "because it would not have been 'productive'".

Sorry Admiral, I disagree. It's hardly your decision to decide what is productive or not when a national election might be at stake.

Or is that the problem? Too hot for you?

According to the Judicial Watch site Naval "investigators exhausted their...efforts reviewing a Washington Post article from Aug. 22, 2004, and a Newsweek report from the Aug. 30, 2004, edition. The unnamed investigator(s) also relied on Kerry’s presidential campaign Internet site to conduct the investigation." The full article is here.

If that's the case, maybe Admiral Route ought to be out of a job.

My guess is that someone is protecting the asses of those who willingly doctored the record to accomadate Kerry's inflation of his record. Worse, there's every possibility that someone is culpable for retroactively awarding a treasonous, pathological, liar an honorable discharge.

Something stinks!


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